The Secret Bluebird

The Secret Bluebird is a self-empowerment project by international motivational speaker, author DEADXSTOP Publishing CEO, and The CatCade co-owner, Christopher Gutierrez, created to give understanding through the relationship experience of others.

Through articles, interviews, and videos, his goal is to help all of us feel connected through our frustrations, failures, missteps, and happiness. Though he had branding completed, he required a website that would allow him to publish articles that would be kept to subscribers only.

With this mind and with adaquete research, TinyPass was implemented as they are Paypal friendly. This would make the subscription process user-friendly, as well as, manageable for Christopher to maintain. The visual aspect of the site was a classic newspaper look and feel, with the focus on white space and clean typography, as his writing was the main focus.

View live site The Secret Bluebird website mockup displayed on an iMac, iPad, Macbook, and iPhone screen against an all white background. A screenshot of the TinyPass plugin on The Secret Bluebird landing page.

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