Pure Pressure Tapes

A collaborative between myself, the band’s guitarist, and a friend of the band as well. They spray painted the stencil and I photographed the board, changed the colouring to grey scale, and then added the track listing, and formatted the set up to fit a standard cassette tape case. I designed and composed the insert, adding a crumpled paper effect within Photoshop to further enhance the DIY aesthetic. (Please note the dotted lines are only shown in this example to demonstrate where the cover would be creased, and not in the actual proof used.)

Promo tape for the Relampago de Furia LP. Worked on the art and layout, including creating member polaroids. 30/30 release.

Pure Pressure demo tape cover Two Pure Pressure demo tapes displaying the front and back of the case on a dark background Pure Pressure Tides tape cover Pure Pressure Tides Tape insert Pure Pressure Tides tape case, blue cassette, and insert laid out on an orange table

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